Aug 24, 2010

Not just for cheeky chicks and knickers

A couple of weeks back I saw some pretty rough interactive video 'games' and also a trailer using interactive for Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Not bad I thought, can't wait to see it used well.

Some others have been tinkering with it as well. Shop Hot & Crowded from Mineappolis have gone with an effective (and obvious) idea to sell women's clothes (to their blokes?).

This really is a killer way to reach people for so many reasons.

Imagine placing one of these clips in front of a customer at just the right time in the marketing funnel? It's just such a tantalising prospect.

We know in Australia that the vast majority of purchase decisions are researched online beforehand. A tasty little product clip where you let consumers bring their desired product to life would be perfect during a customer's product research. Automotive, Travel, Accomodation and Homebuilding all immediately come to mind as perfect categories for this tool.

I used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. Remember the ones where you got to pick a twist in the story and turn to that page? Same idea here for sharing content about your brand.

If your website has a little budget for this why not create a short film or narrative around one of your products, staff or brand ambassadors?

Lets look at a Harley Davidson motorcycles as an example. Harley riders, or HOGs, would have dozens of rides in their mind that they remember and treasure over the years. Why not bring some of these rides to life online using interactive video.

How cool would it be for their website to select your model of Harley, spec it out and then choose one of 10 classic American routes to trial it on. You get to choose your bike, your kit, your route (corner by corner) and so on.

It need not be a long video - just enough to make the real product tangible for the consumer. The smell of petrol in their nose, hot sun on the bitumen and the wind on their face.

Easy peasey.

The conversion to sales on these clips is going to be so much better than current product video on home pages, YouTube channels and Facebook.

We could talk banner ads too but - another time.

I can't wait to see how interactive video evolves over the next six months. You can be sure people are producing some great applications of the technology right now.

How are you going to use it?

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