Jul 21, 2010

Don't screw up Ford! Give Jason the 2011 Explorer!

Ford U.S. are doing a great job building the hype for their 2011 Explorer model on Facebook.

The page has some great product vids, a healthy amount of discussion and 25 minutes ago they had collected 30,000 'likes' and will now give one of the cars away.

30,000. That's a pretty healthy number for them.

Facebook tells us the average user has 130 friends so (potentially) 3.9 million knew somebody likes the 2011 Explorer. 

Jason Sider probably doesn't like the 2011 Explorer.

He started a topic on the discussion board about 3 weeks ago proclaiming "Don't screw up FORD!" The thread has 35 posts since he posted his concerns about the "... cameras.....sensors....fuel control dewhickys.....this or those hocus pocus little black boxes," that he feels detract from the essence of a Ford.

He obviously cares about the brand. 

I read a great blog post recently that put Social Media moderation very simply:

"... amplify the affection, creatively disarm the reasonably disgruntled, and ignore the unhinged."
Jason's concerns are quite reasonable - if colourfully put. I'd love to see Ford respond with a touch of panache and, at the least, get Jason down to a dealership to try the new model. He just might like it. He just might buy one.

In fact, let's see Ford give Jason Sider the 2011 Ford Explorer!!

Give Jason the car!

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of new media and perhaps miss some of the detail of what is  happening in your campaign. I really think these small side stories and footnotes can be better handled and  allow organisations and people to really demonstrate their passion for what they do.

Some of the best brand stories come about when you can encourage the disaffected to take another look at who you are. I love winning people over and I think Social Media makes it so easy to do. Lets hope Ford agrees...


  1. Let us know if Ford actually engage with Jason at all. A test drive, a car for a week, get him to review the car properly...but will it win over Jason?

  2. Hi Clairey,

    Ford have shown very little interest in Jason which is a real shame. I think somebody said once "A complaint is a gift." Maybe Ford should see it that way?