Jul 7, 2010

As Paul the octopus knows: anyone can win on the day.

The irrepressible juggernaut of the World Cup has been stunned and sent home.

Spain has beaten Germany 1-0 earlier today to progress to the final on Monday morning AEST.

Paul knew this would happen and if he could slurp some knowledge into your ear he would say this:

Its not the best who will win each time but the best on the day.

We can all take something away from this.

If you are the best in your field or a market leader you can't be complacent. Number two knows everything about you and is working every day to be the best. How are you going to prevent that from happening?

If you are number 2,3 or 12 it means on any given day if you prepare well and have a good strategy or idea you can win the day.

Desean vivo los españoles!

Until Monday anyway.

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