Apr 28, 2010

The Federal Government's decision to ban branding from cigarette packets at point of sale is likely to be met with horror and dejection from manufacturers and advertisers alike.

From a certain perspective it presents a great opportunity for the industry.

With no visual way to distinguish one brand from another the opportunity to sell on product quality is huge.

If you put it in the mind of consumers that your brand has a superior taste, finish and reduced health risks compared to other brands they will ask for your brand first.

Of course you could suggest they try brands at random and they won't be satisfied. Lets call call it the placebo affect. If you tell them your brand is best, they'll believe you. Its just like the good ol' days of cigarette advertising as personified by the 'It's Toasted' campaign for Lucky Strike in Mad Men season one.

But that's if you like smoking.

It's a filthy habit ;-)

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